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Self Care for Leadership Success

How to integrate simple self-care strategies and tactics 

to be a happier, healthier and productive leader and person.

“When I let go of trying to be everything to everyone, 

I had much more time, attention, love, and connection 

for the important people in my life.”

                                                                        -- Brene Brown

In today's volatile, uncertain, changing world, leaders are facing more challenges than ever before. Post-pandemic the demands from the workplace via superiors, employees, donors, Boards, investors, customers and other stakeholders are only adding to the stress leaders face.

Taking care of yourself while leading an organization, a team, stakeholders and activities in your personal life can be challenging, to say the least. As a leader, self-care often takes the back seat on your priority list. This leads to frustration, lack of motivation, lack of focus, unengaged teams, poor productivity and even burnout.
Yet... research (and experience) clearly demonstrates that when leaders embrace self-care there are many benefits -- for you professionally and personally. As well, there is a positive ripple effect that extends to those around you.

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, unmotivated or burnt out as a leader?
Are you feeling out of alignment with your personal and/or professional purpose?
Is your team (or other stakeholders) disengaged with high turnover or lacking in innovation or results?
Are you ready to take steps to change today's path for tomorrow's success as a leader?

If you answered YES to these questions, then the Self Care for Leadership Success program is right for you!

 “Self-care is how you

       take your power back.”

                                                                                                – Lalah Delia

            Self care is not just pampering! 

In fact, it is a life long journey of deliberately doing things for yourself that make you feel good and inspire you to believe in yourself. 

From there, you can lead, support, encourage, and love others authentically and creatively.

Here's What You'll Get If You Sign Up Today

1: Creating Impact

In this module you be introduced to the SPARK framework for self-care, what self-care is, and why it is important to you, as a leader and as a person. We will explore the self care gremlins that block your success, and how to over come them.

2: Moving from Nice to Have      to Must Have

In this module, we will gain a better understanding on how self care for you as the leader, and that of your team, has an amazing ROI personally. professionally and organizationally. We will explore the Self Care Success Wheel, and leadership strategies that can elevate efforts from micro to gigantic!

3: Craft Your Self-Care Plan

Every change effort, and the results that accompany that change must be integrated into our daily, weekly and monthly habits, tasks and routines. Your Self-Care Plan will assist you in looking ahead to what you want to achieve, attainable steps to get you there and a better understanding of the positive ripple effect that will accompany your journey!

You Will Learn ...

1. The facets of self-care and why every leader should build it into their life.

2. How self-care has a ripple effect through your workplace and personal life.

3. How to overcome the common barriers to adopting self-care strategies.

4. Tips and strategies you can integrate today to reap immediate benefits as a leader..

This concise step-by-step program is designed for business and non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders who are ready to be the best they can be! 

 You want to see challenges as opportunities and create a positive ripple effect of care, happiness and creativity around you.

Integrating Self-Care as Part of Business Operations is Good for Your Leadership, Your Team and Your Business

Click the button below now to get instant access to 3 high quality modules which will guide you through steps to integrate self-care for yourself and your team so you all reap the benefits!

I'll Introduce You to Simple, Practical Self-Care Strategies that will work for you & your team

Catherine Rocheleau

Over the past 30 years, I have shifted many things in my business to stay ahead of the curve.  This has enabled me to remain a leader in business for over 3 decades.  

However, being an entrepreneur dedicated to delivering top quality and great customer service, it took its toll on me personally.  Gradually the "AHA" hit and I realized that I had to find a balance between work and self-care.

The more I learned the more I realized that integrating self care strategies into my life was good for me and my business. Then I extended this realization to understanding that finding ways to integrate self-care in how I lead my team made an even bigger impact.

This prompted me to explore more on this topic -- from a leadership perspective.  I knew the two areas -- leadership and self-care were inextricably linked and would produce great results that were good for business too.

As a Coach, Business Impact Strategist and someone who is passionate about social impact, helping my clients to lead transitions that make work life and business better just makes sense!  People are your most valuable asset and your business benefits when you take care of your people.

Why I created this course:

I have been a leader my entire life. I remember as a child, through school and university, I was the one to step forward (sometimes with a bit of a push) to get things organized and done. Many times I've lead from behind - meaning I was not the person everyone saw, yet I was orchestrating thing behind the scenes. I just like it that way!

As an entrepreneur and business leader, I had a full plate and "self-care" was a nice to have and at times felt like a must have, while at other times I squeezed it out of my life all-together. This approach hasn't been great! After an incident 6 years ago, when I was forced to put myself first, I realized I needed to reassess how self-care could offer more balance in the juggling act of life and entrepreneurship. I also recognized I needed to assist my clients - other forward-thinking, purpose-driven leaders, to do the same! Why? Because we are all better people, leaders and impact makers when we embrace self-care strategies regularly!

We Can Change the World Through Business When We Change How Business is Done


When you work with Ignite Leadership, you can be confident that we will forward a minimum of 2% of all revenue generated to charity - in keeping with our MoreThanGreen™ sustainability program.
We will be donating $10 from every course sold.

Don't think you have the time to embrace self-care!

I thought that too! Now I'm here to tell you when you adopt micro-actions into your day that shift your breathing, your thoughts, your actions, you'll create more time and more energy so other things you really enjoy can fit in!
If you're not loving your role as a leader, or feel disconnected to your team
adding self-care as part of the work day for the entire team will pay you, and your organization, major dividends! In fact, research shows your workplace will be happier, healthier and breakthroughs will be common place!

"It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.”

Whether you are just starting to explore how to embrace self-care on a regular basis, looking to ramp up your strategies, or you want to introduce it to your team, the Self Care for Leadership Success program offers next steps right for you!

Get Access Today! 

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