Executive & Business Coaching

Executive Coaching offers leaders an opportunity to address their own professional and personal development. Coaching allows you to be more effective within your organization.  In short, coaching focuses on your advancement – whatever way you view it.  

Business Coaching will focus more on current problems and actionable solutions that can be easily implemented. Business coaching will include all aspects of your business – financial, people, marketing, systems and processes, product and services, and business growth

What you can expect… Coaching is most successful when you are an active lead in our work together and then take action between sessions. Initial assignments are generally 3 or 6 months in duration and can be easily extended.

Our coaching sessions are virtual so we can meet, no matter where you are located. We can arrange for in-person meetings if requested. Personalized sessions offer you a safe space to pull back the curtain and dig deeper into situations you face – in your business and professional life. Your Coach is committed to your success offering practical, realistic, and immediately usable input.

Each session may involve asking questions, frank discussions, exploring blind spots, role-play, problem-solving and tackling issues in real-time. We offer feedback and help keep you accountable to your goals and action plans so we measure your progress. This way we can review your status and adjust your path as needed to achieve the best results for you. Together we work through the steps so you move from where you are today and make your goals a reality.

Executive or Business Coaching is for you if…

  • you are at the point where you want to improve your leadership skills,
  • its time to develop new skills that will enhance your ability to face anticipated changes.
  • you are looking to create stronger connections with your team,
  • you’re about to lead a new project and want to ensure it goes smoothly,
  • you are socially-conscious and want to have more impact in the world through business,
  • its time to shift your business or professional direction,
  • or if you want to tackle a major challenge, be accountable to your own goals, overcome hurdles, navigate change, break-through the glass ceiling, or grow your business.

If social impact is important to you, look no further. We can assist you to integrate your social purpose, values, and impact strategies into core operations so you are the organization of choice!

Are you ready to increase your goal attainment and well-being, develop an effective leadership style, and boost overall leadership effectiveness? Working with an Executive Coach may be the right solution for you! Choose one of our initial assignment packages:

Activate – 3 month Term

Accelerate – 6 month Term

Let’s chat to see if our approach is right for you. Book a complimentary Ignition Call

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Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that sixty-one (61%) percent leaders state coaching made significant progress toward their goals.

Group Coaching for Leaders & Business Owners

Shifting Actions to Create Long Term Results with Ease

 Ignite Momentum is a 4-month group coaching program that is ideal for forward-thinking, socially-conscious business leaders, owners and professionals who want a catalyst to elevate their business success and ignite momentum for long-term sustainability and profitability.

Ignite Momentum is right for you if you have 5 years or more experience in a leadership role. Are you ready to create a customized roadmap to guide your actions for the next 4+ months and make it happen?

Our groups are intentionally small group so each leader receives maximum value from your coach and your peers. Each cohort includes leaders who are committed to their own success and that of others in the group … so why not join them? As they say… you’re more successful when you surround yourself with like-minded people.

Learn more on our program and how to apply.

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Accountability Coaching (NEW!)

Accountability Coaching offers you a different approach to working with a Coach. You be clear on your goals (personally, professionally, or for your business) and you may have gone so far as to create the plan on how to make those goals a reality yet… you never seem to find the time or fully commit to turning these ideas and desires into reality. At other times, your Gremlin may get in the way leaving you questioning, unsure or lacking the confidence to move forward. Sound familiar?

This is where Accountability Coaching can assist you. It will keep you on your toes and accountable to yourself and your goals. When you face obstacles, procrastination or when that pesky Gremlin can’t be silenced alone, your Accountability Coach is there by your side.

In fact, we are committed to your goals too! We will help you remove the blinders so you identify the challenges you’re facing and find solutions so you tackle obstacles. We also can help you create the plans when you plan isn’t working. Lastly, our proven track record includes strategies we know help you to remain focused, productive, and on track.

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Pivot VIP Intensives

Your Secret Weapon to Elevating the Impact Created by Your Business or Non-Profit …On Purpose and On Point

A Pivot VIP Intensive offers business and non-profit leaders and professionals an opportunity to work 1-on-1 on their organization. If a full retreat isn’t feasible, these strategy sessions can fill the bill. They are designed to help you get really clear and focused on what you want to achieve and the steps you need to take to make it a reality.  Every session digs deep so you achieve major break-throughs, create action plans you implement immediately so you reap the results faster.

PIVOT VIP Intensives are an ideal forum to be a catalyst for creative, innovative, and collaborative breakthroughs – moving you from good to great!

Imagine having an opportunity to step out of your regular day-to-day routines and focus on your business, your goals and yourself for a day! What is possible for you?

Shatter your own glass ceiling in this highly focused day where we brainstorm, strategize, plan and implement ideas and systems that will deliver quantum results.

When you invest in yourself and your organization you set the stage so you create the breakthroughs that will catapult you forward to new heights.

Whether you choose an in-person or a virtual package, you will walk away from your PIVOT VIP Intensive fired up! The best part is you’ll have a concrete plan designed to move you forward quickly and to achieve amazing results.

Are you ready to create the future you deserve – one wrapped in success? Book an Ignition Call to see how a VIP Pivot Intensive can be the difference maker for you!

Your action today will produce results for tomorrow!

Leadership Mastermind

Spark High Performance.  Create Powerful Change.   Enjoy Exceptional Returns

Radical Results Mastermind is ideal for values-based executives, senior leaders and professional practitioners and business owners globally who are in the mid-stages of business development (approximately 5+ yrs) and poised lead their business or division, to shift gears and ignite growth.

Rapid Results Mastermind catapults you from leading your business by yourself to confidently leading your business to new heights.  Each mastermind group is a dynamic supportive group of business leaders at approximately the same level of experience. Participants are focused on the collective business success of each person in the group, while also helping to create positive change in the world through our businesses.  Together we dig deep on current business, social/environmental impact and small business & leadership issues through in-depth conversations and Ignition Seat Sessions to spark innovation leading to rapid business growth and development.  

Radical Results is not a training program. Instead it is modelled after the mastermind concepts from Napoleon Hill. Every member of the mastermind brings their challenges, obstacles and opportunities forward to glean the wisdom this format brings to the table. Then you take action on what is right for you.

Great leaders embrace life-long learning.  Rapid Results Masterminds embrace this concept and makes your learning actionable and connects you with a community of socially conscious business leaders – just like you.

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