Shifting Actions for Long-Term Results with Ease

Is it time for you to shift your focus and change the trajectory of your business, your leadership or more?

Ignite Momentum is where purpose-driven small business leaders, managers, directors & professionals go when they want a catalyst to elevate their business success and ignite momentum for long-term sustainability and profitability.

Applications accepted for a limited time.
Your application & review consultation will ensure this group coaching program is a good fit for you.

Are You Ready to Ignite Momentum?

"Your ability to endure, to continue taking action, step by step, in the direction of your dreams, is what will ultimately assure your success.  If you keep on keeping on, nothing can stop you"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

If elite athletes benefit from a coach, 

why shouldn't a business owner, executive or professional?

What does inaction cost you?

What is Ignite Momentum?

Ignite Momentum is a unique 4-month group coaching program for business owners, leaders and professionals with 5+ years of experience who want to grow and breakthrough. 

This program is ideal if you're a purpose-driven, heart-centered leader who is tired of facing leadership challenges alone. You're ready to make a commitment to yourself to be committed and engaged in your transformation, work on the areas that will guide you on a successful path to make your goals a reality. You also recognize how coaching can boost your job satisfaction, confidence, leadership, communication and performance. These benefits then ripple out to those around you!  Ignite Momentum offers you a catalyst to elevate your business and leadership success and ignite momentum for long-term sustainability and profitability.

Ignite Momentum is not a course with some coaching on the side.  Instead it combines group coaching sessions and our Action Labs so that you get the support and benefits coaching brings, along with scheduled, laser focused time to take action and realize the results you envision for yourself.

We will explore how to lead transitions, engage employees, grow business, face uncertainty, implement and sustain social impact initiatives, get unstuck or out of your head -- whatever you're facing!  Ignite Momentum is also ideal if your organization supports the leadership development of key employees and leaders.

Ignite Momentum offers you "the best of two worlds":  working ON your projects/goals at your pace with the added support and accountability from your Coach and peers.

Connect & Learn with Peers

In fact, did you know people who participate in group coaching programs are more successful than many who undertake 1:1 coaching?  This sounds counter-intuitive I know, however no one wants to share their goals and action plans with their peers only to announce that they didn't do the work!  This perceived "peer pressure" is a positive self-motivator!

Small but Mighty

Our groups are intentionally small so each leader receives maximum value from your coach and your peers. Each leader is committed to their own success and that of others in the cohort … so why not join them? As they say… you’re more successful when you surround yourself with like-minded people.

The Why

Not only is mentorship in a group setting an affordable and time effective alternative to private coaching, it offers you more ideas, insights, perspectives and feedback from your peers and Coach.

Working with a purpose-driven Coach you will identify how your purpose can be your north star for even greater clarity and focus as you lead yourself, your team and business into the future. 

In addition, our Action Labs offer the focused time to move from thinking to doing!  Round-robin conversations at the end of each Action Lab offers support, encouragement and so much more!

We want you to achieve your goals!

To be an effective leader of a thriving, profitable business, doing what you love

and to create positive impact in the world through business!

Ignite Momentum offers You a supportive environment that eliminates blindspots so you can continue your journey, have more successes and be more sustainable over time.  

Don't be a statistic:  Many leaders feel they are "less than" what they need to be.  This frequently leads to a lack of self confidence, imposter syndrome, poor relationships with key people on your team, high turnover, work dissatisfaction and burnout.  While those leaders in entrepreneurial roles have the added struggles where less than 6% of entrepreneurs make 6-figure incomes.  Our goal is to help you change that trajectory!  We want to see you be a confident leader with clear, strong communication, great systems, a happy team and lead change with ease.  Entrepreneurs, we want you to grow your business to hit 6- or 7-figures, or be the leader you know you are meant to be!  We will draw out and enhance your unique skills and attributes so you "up your game". We will also identify areas where you can make changes and alter the results in your favour.

Each member of the program has unique strengths and backgrounds.  Under the guidance of your Coach, you and your peers are connected, support and encourage each other and navigate your individual and collective journey together. The I/M Community Forum offers you support between our coaching sessions so you are never left feeling alone.  Together we, as a group, are more than the sum of our individual parts. 

Ignite Momentum is designed to help you build velocity so you can continue the momentum for the long-term in a pro-active and sustainable way.

Applications accepted for a limited time.
Your application & review consultation will ensure this group coaching program is a good fit for you.

What's Included?

Ignite Momentum requires an initial 4-month commitment. After this commitment is completed, you can continue your membership for as long as you wish.  This extension is offered with monthly payments or a cost-saving extension package.  As long as you remain a member, we honour your membership price, even if rates for new members increase.

Customized Road Map Session

o Our very first session together is our CRM. This session is designed to help you get clear on what you want to work on, set your goals and create a plan with milestones to give you the guidance and a plan to focus your energies during the program. 

o Your customized road map will help you pinpoint growth or change opportunities, outcomes you want to make a reality and gain clarity so that you take the right actions

Monthly 90-minute Group Coaching Sessions

o Every month bring your opportunities, ideas, and challenges or frustrations and receive coaching with Catherine. 

o Comments, ideas and thoughts shared by your peers will help enhance the value you will receive in each session.

o Even if you don’t step forward for coaching, you won’t want to miss these sessions. More often than not, the topics will apply to you and save you the time, effort or frustrations — and can inspire new ideas for you, your team and business. 

o Each Group Coaching session is your opportunity to get the added help you need and learn from others.

Monthly Action Labs

o Each 60-minute Action Lab session includes 40 minutes of focused, distraction-free worktime.  What other program builds-in structured time for you to "do what it takes" to reach your goals?

o 20 minutes of quick round-robin conversation with your I/M peers to share challenges, aha's and accomplishments.

 This is one of the favourites of this program!

Monitor Progress in Real Time

o Our unique impact measurement tool will align actions you take with tangible professional and business development changes and measures the impact that results. 

o We will create a high degree of clarity on the impact that has taken place at each phase of the program. As they say “businesses don’t change, people do”. 

 Let’s measure the impact you achieve through learning and taking action and bridge the knowledge to action gap!

Ignite Momentum 

Resource Library 

Access to our member area where you will find worksheets, exercises, business tools and other resources to keep you focused and progressing. These resources are designed to help save you time, money and energy.

Recordings of All Sessions

You will have access to the recordings of all group coaching sessions so you can review them to glean additional insights.

Ignite Momentum Community Forum

Build connections, discuss issues, receive feedback, gain insights and share successes with your fellow I/M Members via our private Ignite Momentum Community Forum.

Strong relationships, peer mentoring, joint venturing and being active in the community boosts your success 10-fold.

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Hear What Other Mastermind Members Have To Say


When I shared my struggle as an entrepreneur having so much difficulty connecting with my target market Catherine just nailed it! I immediately integrated her suggestions and everything changed in my mind releasing a very standing long block into creating an inviting collaborating mindset! I now have clarity of my target market and message and I am more confident in my delivery and this feels fabulous! Now I am finally able to set a stepping stone pathway of opportunity into place to move forward in my business. 

Actionomics Enterprises, LLC

Clarity & Action!

Catherine helped me get clear on my business transformation to ensure it aligned with my vision.

If your business can operate more efficiently or you want to shift your focus, Catherine will amaze you!

Stand Up Now Productions

Ignite Momentum Is Packed Full Of Benefits & Perks

Benefit #1

You will gain clarity of your purpose and what's important to you.

You will set goals and create action plans for what you want to achieve in the next 4-months.

Benefit #2

As you execute your plan, you have access to your support and accountability partners through:

-  Group Coaching 

-  Action Labs

-  I/M Community Forum

Your peers are there to keep you accountable to your goals and yourself!

Benefit #3

Receive coaching on any topic or issue that steps in your way!

You may want to deal with your "Gremlins", explore how to take the next step, find a resource to save you time, or role-play through a scenario that you'll be facing.

You also gain insights and ideas, and "ahas" when listening to others.  Their problem may apply to you too!

Benefit #4

Dedicated time to work ON your business, projects and goals.

Taking the lead from the Pomodoro Technique, our Action Labs are structured for maximum focus and productivity.

Benefit #5

Celebrate YOUR Radical Results!

Celebrating alone isn't the same!  Your I/M Coach and peers are there for you and they love to celebrate your successes - no matter how big or small!

Benefit #6

You're Not Facing Challenges alone!

We've even structured time for you to "do what it takes" to be successful.

Staying stuck or not taking action is not an option!

Ignite Momentum will Support YOU to:

Fulfill Your Potential
Grow your Business &/or Lead your Team with Authenticity, Purpose & Confidence
Create a Greater Impact in the world through Business
Enhance Your Skills or Performance
Navigate Your Own Transformation
Guide the Transformation of your Team
Move a Project from Idea to Completed!

Applications accepted for a limited time.

Your application & review consultation will ensure this program is a good fit for you.

"Your ability to endure, to continue taking action, step by step, in the direction of your dreams, is what will ultimately assure your success.  If you keep on keeping on, nothing can stop you"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Your Lead Coach

Hi, I'm Catherine.

I am very excited to be offering this newly revamped group coaching program for seasoned purpose-driven business owners and leaders. Why? Because I know this approach works!  In fact 60% of leaders who work with a coach cite their confidence and productivity increase.  Many more say they're happier in their job and they breakthrough their own glass ceiling.

One of my colleagues once said "If corporate teams are orchestras trying to make music, Catherine Rocheleau is the band leader helping them hit all the right notes." I think this reflect my role as a Coach in a group setting -- I bring the magic to the room!

Over the past three decades I have worked with corporations, governments, the public sector, entrepreneurs, professionals and non-profits, I love to assist socially-conscious small to medium sized companies and non-profits to create meaningful workplaces where people and business thrive. Through coaching, training and masterminds, I support these SME organizational leaders and owners to create effective systems, profitable growth, great workplaces and a positive impact in their community and beyond.

Based on my years of experience in addressing internal problems, I have a unique perspective:

“Continual improvement and learning are fundamental to individual and group success. Creating this culture within an organization helps establish the skills required to be agile and able to respond to today’s fast pace of change.”

As an Executive Business Coach and Organizational Change Professional, I regularly tap into my own business and leadership experiences and those of my past clients, to catapult clients forward. Over the years I have successfully navigated business shifts, setbacks, economic downturns, and a medical sabbatical where I had to walk away from my business. Now, 6-years later, I am in a full rebuild. I rely on input from clients, my education and proven tools, in addition to my experiences, to guide other SME owners/leaders to take action, be strong authentic leaders and collaborators while they create the velocity and momentum that will foster growth and success.

As a values-based leader, I strongly believe we can change the world through business by changing how business is done! My MoreThanGreen™ sustainability program has underpinned my business for well over a decade. I am also on track to converting my business into a Benefit Corporation to clearly reflect this commitment.

We Can Change the World through Business 

When We Change How Business is Done!

Our Impact

Our commitment to paying it forward, and making a positive IMPACT on the world around us is driven by our MoreThanGreen™ program. We donate 2% of all top-line revenues (regardless of source) to our designated charities. This equates to approximately $100 per coaching participant. Learn more

Do You Have Questions?
Are You missing vital information to make a decision?

Book a no obligation Application Call and we will send you the application form.  Together we will meet to ensure all of your questions are answered and determine if you are a good fit before you commit to moving forward.  And there is no sales pressure...we know you'll make the best decision for you and your business.

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