How a Mastermind Group Can Help You Be a Better Leader, Engage Your Team, and Grow Your Business with IMPACT and Purpose

Have you ever wondered what a mastermind group is, and why many top CEO’s and business owners cite it as a fundamental part of their career and business success? 

 This e-book shares the top 10 reasons why you may want to consider a mastermind as part of your personal and professional development strategy.

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                 Author:    Catherine Rocheleau
                                Business Impact Strategist

The Mastermind Principle

     "Napoleon Hill said, “No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand.” The proper use of a mastermind group is the cornerstone to all great achievement, and it is one of the steps that people most often overlook. On our own, we can only ever have a limited amount of experience, a mastermind group allows us to draw freely from the experience, training, skills, and knowledge of others who align with our definite major purpose. The resulting benefits include a magnification of the combined qualities of each member, as well as increased courage, faith, and a host of other positive advantages. In other words, on your own, you’re a single brushstroke, but in a mastermind group you could become a Monet."

The Napoleon Hill Foundation  

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