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Social Impact Blueprint is the most comprehensive step-by-step course to create a thriving social impact organization in the for-profit or not-for-profit sectors.  Create your Impact Blueprint and Impact Communique to share and magnetize key stakeholders (investors, board members, customers or donors, employees) who excited to interact and support you.  Learn to leverage social impact to position yourself as a leader and 10 X your impact.  Lastly, network and collaborate with other future oriented social impact leaders.

Business owners who wish to become a Benefit Corporation or pursue B-Corp certification, this course will shorten the runway while simultaneously setting you up to lead a thriving business where people love to work.

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Self-Care for Leadership Success is a self-guided online program. It is ideal for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to be more impactful and make a difference in their own personal and professional lives, as well as on those around them.

In this program you will explore what self-care is, why it is important to you, your team, your organization, and how it can fit into your already full schedule. We will explore the Self-Care Success Wheel, and workplace wellness strategies that will boost happiness, overcome obstacles, navigate around time constraints, enhance self confidence, sense of belonging, team work, communication and leadership effectiveness.

You will learn practical, micro actions you can implement immediately and create your own Self-Care Activity Plan to support you as you continue your self-care journey and optimize the impact this approach creates

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Tools & Resources

The Business Journal is paper-based* book that offers you a complete goal-setting planner and monitoring system!

Your journal provides a proven format designed so you can plan your priorities, record your activities, thoughts and insights as well as your accomplishments and misses. Each review built into the system encourages you to face your progress (or lack thereof) so that you learn from the results and make the necessary changes quickly and effectively.

Putting pen to paper offers a unique opportunity to drill deeper into your day. As you complete each page throughout the year you will stay on track and exceed your desired goals!

In less than 10 minutes a day you will achieve what you set out to… 50% faster and more consistently than you have in the past!

The journal is created in a perpetual format …so its always a good time to start!

The 8.5 x 11 format offers lots of space to record all the information you wish. A full month in one book – so you have your goals, plans and ideas in one space.

  • Why is the journal paper based & not electronic?
    • Given our desire to be as socially and environmentally responsible we are asked this question frequently. Our journal is paper based because we’re all about helping you create results! According to Psychology Today, “writing by hand connects you with the words and allows your brain to focus on them, understand them and learn from them.” A written journal helps you create better results in comparison to journalling electronically.
    • In an effort to be more environmentally responsible, we work with a global printer who engages a printer close to you (the client) to limit the distance each journal must ship. Where available, we choose recycled, non-wood pulp or responsibly sourced FSC certified paper.