Where Do All the Most Successful Leaders Go To Powerfully Grow Their Business?

Do you want to connect with other forward-thinking business leaders to create powerful change? 

Radical Results Mastermind is where purpose-driven leaders meet to share best practice, explore strategies and inspire each other to be more than they think they can be!

Applications accepted for a limited time.
Your application & review consultation will ensure this mastermind is a good fit for you.

A Supportive Space to Cultivate Radical Results for YOU!

Spark High Performance.

Create Powerful Change.

Enjoy Exceptional Returns.

What Is Radical Results Mastermind?

This Mastermind focuses on implementation of initiatives in your business so you create radical results that fulfill your professional and business goals.

You will create and work on your own plan. Throughout the program you will share this plan and your progress with the group so we help you stay on track and pushing forward through any set-backs or obstacles.

At the same time you will be engaged with a great supportive community where you can:

leverage the knowledge
experience and perspectives of like-minded business leaders to brainstorm
explore & learn
ignite action plans
foster continued improvement
receive feedback and
achieve radical results!

As a business leader or owner, you are in the ideal position to guide your business efforts to be profitable, offer a great place to work and be an impact maker in your community. Doing it alone is hard and limits your success! 

Radical Results Mastermind positions you to face the many facets of business and leadership as you navigate today's turbulent and ever-changing world.

Radical Results Mastermind Is a Fit For You, If:

Own or lead an established business
You want the grow and move forward with a group of like minded individuals
You are ready to take the reins to create powerful changes in your business to improve resiliency, efficiencies and more!
Untapped potential exists in your business and you want to access it.
You are open to an alternative way to release the potential in your business,
You want to lead a business that makes a bigger impact on the people and/or the environment.
You want to elevate your own leadership performance
You want to be part of a group of industry experts and professionals

Applications accepted for a limited time.
Your application & review consultation will ensure this mastermind is a good fit for you.

What's Included?

Monthly Masterminds

Engaging. Challenging, Insightful. Thought-provoking.
Mastermind meetings offer each participant an opportunity to share successes, challenges, and ideas and an opportunity to ask questions or ask for help.

Hot Seat and Spotlight Sessions in every meeting!

All meetings are virtual.

1:1 Laser Coaching

Whether you want to discuss a challenge, explore an opportunity, work on a key skill, set goals or just need a sounding board, your 1:1 Executive Coaching session is available for maximum personalized value.

Community Portal & Resource Library

In between each mastermind meeting, you still have a lifeline to the group. Our private community forum offers an opportunity to reach out for input, support, resources and more!

Tools, books, and other resources shared by members of the group are available in our Resource Library for easy retrieval.

Monitor Progress in Real Time

Our unique HabitBuilder™ tool is designed to facilitate triggers to keep your goals top of mind. It also helps you create the behaviour change needed to get you to your destination. You and your Coach will use this information to track your progress and identify gaps to amplify your results.

Hear What Other Mastermind Members Have To Say

Pivot Accomplished!

The past few months have been a really interesting journey!  Input from my fellow masterminders and Catherine has really helped m launch my new venture and complete the pivot that was so needed in my business!


Clarity & Action!

Catherine helped me get clear on my business transformation to ensure it aligned with my vision.

If your business can operate more efficiently or you want to shift your focus, Catherine will amaze you!

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Radical Results Mastermind Is Packed Full Of Benefits & Perks

Benefit #1

You will set goals and create action plans for what you want to achieve in the next 10 - 12 months.

Benefit #2

You will execute your plan between each meeting.

Your peers are there to keep you accountable to your goals and yourself!

Benefit #3

Update your Progress during your Spotlight session at each mastermind meeting.

Sharing your progress keeps you moving forward (think about it...no one wants to say they didn't take action)

Benefit #4

Leverage the Wisdom of the mastermind!
During hot seat and spotlight sessions you can get input from others to keep you on track, overcome setbacks and identify different perspectives & solutions!

Benefit #5

Celebrate YOUR Radical Results!

Celebrating alone isn't the same!  Your mastermind team is there for you and they love to celebrate your successes - no matter how big or small!

Benefit #6

You're Not Facing Challenges alone!

Staying stuck or not taking action is not an option!

Want To Join Radical Results Mastermind?

You want to access the untapped potential in your business.
You're a leader of an established business and know now is the time to lead change and make an impact.
You want to be a part of forward-thinking, action-oriented leaders who are committed to success for all!

Applications accepted for a limited time.

Your application & review consultation will ensure this mastermind is a good fit for you.

"Mastermind groups can bolster a sense of connectivity and conversation, help keep your business moving forward, and they can provide critical insights for leveling up faster in your business."

Sarah Kathleen Peck

Your Facilitator

Hi, I'm Catherine.

I am very excited to be offering this newly revamped mastermind program for seasoned business owners and leader. Why? Because I am passionate about how a true mastermind group can benefit each and every person who participates and the businesses they lead. As Napoleon Hill, the father of the mastermind said, the secret ingredient is how a mastermind group pools its intellectual, intuitive, and creative mental resources. This along with the group entering a supportive pact to assist one another’s aims thereby multiplying the mental powers of all its participants.

One of my colleagues once said "If corporate teams are orchestras trying to make music, Catherine Rocheleau is the band leader helping them hit all the right notes." I think this reflect my role as a mastermind host -- I bring the magic to the room!

Over the past three decades I have worked with corporations, governments, the public sector, entrepreneurs, professionals and non-profits, I love to assist socially-conscious small to medium sized companies and non-profits to create meaningful workplaces where people and business thrive. Through coaching, training and masterminds, I support these SME organizational leaders and owners to create effective systems, profitable growth, great workplaces and a positive impact in their community and beyond.

Based on my years of experience in addressing internal problems, I have a unique perspective:

“Continual improvement and learning are fundamental to individual and group success. Creating this culture within an organization helps establish the skills required to be agile and able to respond to today’s fast pace of change.”

As an Executive Business Coach and Organizational Change Professional, I regularly tap into my own business and leadership experiences and those of my past clients, to catapult clients forward. Over the years I have successfully navigated business shifts, setbacks, economic downturns, and a medical sabbatical where I had to walk away from my business. Now, 5-years later, I am in a full rebuild. I rely on input from clients, my education and proven tools, in addition to my experiences, to guide other SME owners/leaders to take action, be strong authentic leaders and collaborators while they create radical results.

As a values-based leader, I am on a mission to change the world through business by changing how business is done! My MoreThanGreen™ social impact program has underpinned my business for well over a decade. I am also on track to converting my business into a Benefit Corporation to clearly reflect this commitment.

We Can Change the World through Business 

When We Change How Business is Done!

Our Impact

Our commitment to paying it forward, and making a positive IMPACT on the world around us is driven by our MoreThanGreen™ program. We donate 2% of all top-line revenues (regardless of source) to our designated charities. This equates to approximately $170 per mastermind participant. Learn more

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