SPARK Actions to Silence Your Gremlin

Let's Unlock the Chains Holding You Back  & Achieve the Goals and Dreams You Know Are Possible

Are you plagued with the constant challenge of a loud, negative inner critic?

Is your Gremlin undermining your confidence, instilling fear, anger or is it preventing you from realizing your dreams?


... You Deserve More!

It's time for you to 

recognize and befriend your Gremlin 

 learn to silence your Gremlin & ignite your Cheerleader

realize your goals and dreams 

be a positive, impactful leader


This special report shares insights about the role of your Gremlin and how it impacts your life, your happiness, & your career.

Our SPARK Framework to Silencing Your Gremlin, along with step-by-step details on practical and easy strategies you can use will set you up for long-term success.

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Spark Actions to Silence Your Gremlin

“Our inner critic’s function is to maintain the status quo in two ways: 

It keeps us away from what it considers to be dangerous or unmanageable parts of ourselves. 


it directs us toward whatever ideals it feels will make us an acceptable, successful person. 

It constantly admonishes us with comments like “Don’t do that.” 

Its demands are never-ending and the actual feeling we are left with is 

“I am not good enough and I never will be.”

 – Beverly Engel 

What You'll Discover in this Special Report

What is Your Gremlin? How does it show up for you?
What impact does your Gremlin have on your life and your role as a leader?
Step-by-step actions you can take to silence your Gremlin.
How to Affirm your skills and abilities and recognize your own value.
How to include visualization and affirmations to create the amazing future you envision.

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