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Catherine Rocheleau, MBA, RD
Founder & CEO

Hi. I’m Catherine.

As a Business Impact Strategist, and proud owner of a woman-led business, I love working with executives business leaders, owners and professionals. Through my coaching, training and masterminds, my goal is to assist these leaders to create a thriving business where people love to work and make a positive change in the world.

The business landscape has changed. We as leaders have to change too. For example, today’s employees and consumers want to do business with companies who are aligned with their values and are doing more than just making money. They also want to know employees are treated well. I recognize that a successful business in today’s world requires a strong social purpose, integrated ESG (environmental, social, governance) strategies and transparent leadership. When these pieces are in place, the business has a solid foundation for business and people to grow and prosper. I know that it is possible to make a difference, have a profitable business and a great life. I’ve been in those shoes, and helped clients achieve the same.

With extensive experience as an entrepreneur, non-profit executive, board member, educator, food service and healthcare professional, my diverse background has been instrumental in creating positive organizational change at the corporate, small business and entrepreneurial levels. Through my coaching and training programs I have successfully led, and supported my clients through, significant change initiatives designed to boost profits & business growth with social impact. At the same time they created stronger, happier teams, better communication, and empowering leadership.

Examples have included:

  • Transitioning a non-profit into a virtual organization so we could recruit and deliver programs in any area of the province.
  • Growing an organization while boosting revenues by over 400% in 2.5 years into sustained 7- figures.
  • Leading a departmental transition that included working with employees to identify problems, uncovering their frustrations and solutions, developing new systems and adding resources designed to deliver outcomes that facilitated measurable results that aligned with executive expectations, and engaged employees so were engaged and more productive.
  • Led a unionized food service department that followed unclear and outdated procedures that resulted in client errors, client and team dissatisfaction, food waste and losses and a high level of grievances. Transitioned this department into one with one grievance in 12 months, opportunities for team members to help find solutions and resolve challenges. I created clear policies and procedures with appropriate training and on-boarding that reduced errors, client dissatisfaction, maintained better inventory control and purchasing standards.
  • Led a project that required the transition of out-sourced service delivery from company A to company B without a loss of service continuity, onboarding of new teams, orientation and training and integration, including gaps analysis, and post evaluation.
  • Worked with a healthcare professional in private practice with a team of 5. Our work together focused on business development, communication and leadership development skills.
    They experienced greater confidence and work satisfaction, a growth in business by 20%, improved client bookings by 50%, a work environment that was more collaborative and valued employee input in to systems. As a result 2 employees agreed to shift from part-time to full-time and wanted to be more involved in community-focused events and newly created education sessions.

I am a Certified Executive and Business Coach, and a Master Certified Coach Trainer. I hold a Master of Business Administration in Managerial Leadership and Project Management and I am an Organizational Change Professional, and Registered Dietitian. As an international speaker and 3-time best selling author I have shared my insights with many. I have also won the Food Executive of the Year award for Western Canada.

Outside of work I gain great delight in spending time with my great-nieces and great-nephew. I also love to travel, read, spend time with family and friends, walks in nature and I enjoy a great glass of red wine. I am a passionate fan for Team Canada, the Vancouver Canucks and the BC Lions, in addition to being a self-proclaimed Olympaholic.

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