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Explore the transformative power of impactful leadership, social purpose and business with an eye to innovation in The Leading Force Podcast. This engaging podcast is hosted by Catherine Rocheleau, a renowned Business Impact Strategist.

Join Catherine and her expert guests as they delve into inspiring topics such as leadership development, social & environmental strategies in business, social purpose, fostering positive work environments, and leveraging talent for creating thriving organizations and driving positive change in the world.

Discover how great leadership and social impact through business is not just the way of the future, but a leading force toward resiliency and success for business, people and the planet.

“We dive deep into the intersection of leadership, social & environmental impact, purpose, and business with an eye to innovation.”

Catherine Rocheleau
Business Impact Strategist
Host – The Leading Force

What We’ll Cover

Leaders today are facing rapid change, uncertainty, volatility, and pressures to create a lasting benefit for people and the planet. These changes affect how business needs to be done.

We are all faced with climate change, air quality and water-related issues, use of plastics, a lack of recycling and repairability of items produced. In addition, businesses are being challenged to be better stewards of social and governance impact including improving conditions for people within organizations, the community and the world as a whole.

On the bright side, these challenges will also open doors for opportunities to better serve all stakeholders. Innovation will play a huge part in how we can face these changes. It will also help to identify new and better ways to “be better” and “do better” for people and the planet while also leading thriving businesses.

The Leading Force

Through expert interviews, panel discussions and host monologues, we’ll explore:

  • Social & Environmental Impact
  • Social Purpose
  • Leadership
  • Business
  • Innovation
  • Leading Topics in Today’s Business Environment

Who’s the Podcast for?

The Leading Force podcast’s engaging conversations and content filled topics will appeal to socially-conscious business leaders including executives, senior managers, middle managers and business owners.

Topics and discussions will also appeal to entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders, and those looking to learn more on sustainability, business, innovation and leadership.

Are You Interested in Being A Guest?

If you would like to join Catherine as a guest on The Leading Force podcast and you have a topic that aligns with our show and you believe our listeners will enjoy, please complete the following Podcast Guest Intake form.