Giving back is part of our DNA

At Catherine Rocheleau & Associates Inc. (dba Ignite Leadership International®️) we are fiercely committed to supporting those in need, creating better workplaces, and to reducing our footprint wherever feasible. We know we can’t do it all, so we have carefully focused our effort in areas that strongly resonate with us.

Becoming a Benefit Corporation

As of December 2022 Ignite Leadership International’s® parent company, Catherine Rocheleau & Associates, Inc. began the process to change their corporate entity. We are changing from a regular corporation to a Benefit Corporation.  In doing so, we are committed to balancing our efforts as a for-profit organization with our social purpose to use business as a force for good. 

Our Purpose

To inspire business and non-profit leaders & professionals to transform organizations so they thrive, offer great places to work, and foster positive change in the world around them.

Our Mission

Ignite Leadership collaborates with business and non-profit leaders to align purpose and profit. As such they lead prosperous organizations that have a positive social impact. They transform their organization to create meaningful places where people love to work while “business” grows and thrives. Our MoreThanGreen™ approach drives our efforts to consistently deliver on our promise, be a great business partner, great citizens and environmentally responsible.

Our Values

Our values underpin our approach to business, how we interact with people and the change we want to create.

  • Integrity     –  Trust is a fundamental cornerstone in how we do business and live life.  We stand behind our work, our word and our commitment to do and be our best.
  •  Learning   –  We embrace life-long learning.  The world around us changes continually.  As we become aware new information, approaches or identify needs, we focus on acquiring, integrating and sharing information and actions in a positive and thoughtful way.
  •  Teamwork  – We believe the best we have to offer our clients and the world around us comes from collaboration, communication and commitment to exact positive change.  Teamwork allows us to create solutions greater than ourselves alone, and provides the enduring results we strive to achieve.
  • Leadership –  This may go without saying based on our name, however we believe leadership allows us to instill confidence in what we bring to our clients, and elevates us to do more, be better and engage others at every turn.
  •  Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) – As leaders in our field, we are never satisfied with the status quo.  We strive to review and revamp our approaches, tools, skills and results to remain on the leading edge.  The work we do with our clients, in our volunteer and mentoring roles create the foundation for those around us to embrace continuous improvement in what they do too.
Creating Impact with our MoreThanGreen™️ Program

Ignite Leadership International embraces a MoreThanGreen™ program which underpins, at a core level, all business activities and decisions:

  • Recognize the value of people, planet, and profit as equally valuable facets to business.
  • Strive to ensure all decisions consider the triple-bottom-line to maximize positive change for all stakeholders.
  • Acknowledge our efforts as a socially conscious business are a work in progress.  We embrace continual improvement along this journey to change the world through business. 
  • Measure our IMPACT initiatives and conduct annual reviews and report on the steps we are taking.
  • Communicate on our successes as well as our challenges.
More than just talk, we put dollars on it

We know a lot of businesses today say they are committed to social & environmental change. We do more than just that, we donate 2% of our top-line revenues to designated charities and causes we support. When you work with us, you know your dollars are hard at work supporting those in need.

Our Designated Charities
Canucks Autism NetworkCAN is dedicated to providing programs to individuals with autism and their families, while promoting acceptance and inclusion through community engagement and training initiatives across BC and beyond. Catherine is honoured to have a special relationship with her great-niece who lives with Autism.
Wounded WarriorsWith a mission to honour and support Canada’s ill and injured Canadian Armed Forces members, Veterans, First Responders and their families this organization hits close to home. Catherine grew up the daughter of a Naval officer and granddaughter of a soldier. She has friends who have served too. In her family she has a retired police officer, 2 fire fighters and a volunteer firefighter still serving to keep us safe.
Alzheimer’s Society of CanadaIn memory of Catherine’s Grandmother and our navy family who lived with this disease. We believe family is so important. As a knowledge-based company, our minds are central to what we offer. Supporting people with this disease, and those near to them, is important to providing quality of life

In addition to our designated charities, we regularly make donations to local charities and those of interest to our guest speakers and clients.

Annual Impact Reports

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YE 2019 Impact Report
YE 2021 Impact Report
YE 2022 Impact Report
YE 2023 Impact Report